Rumors Pin iPhone 5 Launch Mid-September

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July 28, 2011
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Rumors Pin iPhone 5 Launch Mid-September Overseas reports claim Apple's has ordered 400,000 "trial run iPhone 5" units in a run-up to a September launch of the phone here in the U.S.
Nintendo 3DS Price Slashed $80, Current Owners Getting 20 Free Games Is Nintendo's 3DS price drop an act of desperation? Probably, as well as dramatic enough to make even cynics think twice about passing when it goes into effect two weeks from now.
Microsoft Adds RAW Photo File Support to Windows The decision is good news for serious photographers who use Windows.
Wrong LulzSec Suspect May Have Been Nabbed LulzSec detractors say police may have been misled by a disinformation campaign waged by LulzSec and ended up arresting the wrong person.
Julia Roberts Ad Banned in the UK for Abuse of Photoshop UK ad watchdogs bans ads that feature apparent heavy editing of actress Julia Roberts' face for cosmetics
LulzSec Hackers Spokesman "Topiary" Arrested, U.K. Cops Say Police announced the arrest of Topiary just hours after Anonymous and LulzSec called for a boycott of PayPal due to its withholding of funds from WikiLeaks.
Google+ Traffic, Audience Time Drop Google+ seems to be suffering similar growing pains as Twitter, in which a lot of people check out the service to see what the hype is about, but quickly lose interest.
Driver: San Francisco Requires Permanent Internet Connection It's almost as if they don't trust us: PC gamers planning on playing Ubisoft's upcoming Driver: San Francisco better make sure that their Internet connection is in full working order, because without it you're not going to be able to play
ESPN's Xbox App Gears Up for College Football Season The app, which is expected to relaunch late next month, will let users watch two games at once in 720p, with the ability to pause, rewind and replay each game independently.
Nintendo Wii: The 10 Best Games Here's a comprehensive look at 10 of the best video games available on the Nintendo Wii.
Next Apple MacBook Pros to Get the Slimmed-Down MacBook Air Treatment Expectations are that Apple will completely redesign its MacBook Pro line in favor of a thinner and lighter form factor.
Is the iPad Unbeatable? With all the drama of a spaghetti Western, the iPad has taken dead aim at tablet rivals. Android tablets? Stampeding toward oblivion. RIM's PlayBook? Dead on arrival.
Nevada License Plate Yanked for Being 'Vulgar' Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles isn't laughing over the LMAOATU license plate, but its owners are appealing a decision to remove it.
Yahoo, Facebook, Google to IETF: Where Are the IPv6 Users? Where are the users? That's what popular websites including Yahoo, Google and Facebook are asking the Internet engineering community.
Beyond Angry Birds: The 20 Most Acclaimed iPhone/iPad Games Want games on your iPhone or iPad but unsure of where to start? Here's a handy guide.
Netflix vs. Hulu: Who's Watching What, and Where Netflix users and Hulu users are pretty different, it turns out.
IT Security's Scariest Acronym: BYOD, Bring Your Own Device The torrent of smartphones and tablets entering companies has created some interesting challenges for security managers.
Windows Phone 7 Gets a Thumbs-Down from Customers A recent survey found that only 7 percent of shoppers prefer Windows Phone 7 over competing smartphone operating systems, a number that doesn't bode well for Microsoft.
Pittsburgh Looks to Save Money With Gmail Migration In an attempt to get away from paying for high-priced email administrators, the city of Pittsburgh is looking to save money and move to the cutting edge with a migration to Google Apps.
Debate Rages Over How to Manage Personal Mobile Devices Used for Work Increasingly, businesses accept the idea that employees should be able to use their personal mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for work. But...
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Rumors Pin iPhone 5 Launch Mid-September Overseas reports claim Apple's has ordered 400,000 "trial run iPhone 5" units in a run-up to a September launch of the phone here in the U.S.
Nintendo 3DS Price Slashed $80, Current Owners Getting 20 Free Games Is Nintendo's 3DS price drop an act of desperation? Probably, as well as dramatic enough to make even cynics think twice about passing when it goes into effect two weeks from now.
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