Anyone in San Diego making it as a freelancer?

Hey Dustin,
Why do you think clients feel that remote workers are less

attractive? I get that a lot too and would be glad to hear different
points of view. Between Skype, SVN, Basecamp and other online tools;
working remote works great, but some (most?) clients wont go for it
and I'm trying to understand/figure out why. Even with the option of
being onsite for project kick-off, I still see a real aversion.
Although I do work with one firm where pretty much everything is done
in a remote fashion, PM on the West Coast, developers North East, UI
guys South East and think work very smoothly as long everyone is
What are your observations?
On Apr 20, 11:53 pm, Dustin Dettmer

»

Help with navigation, history and back button

I have a very similar problem.

I had been trying to work with jQTouch.gotBack(). The documentation
says that supplying the id for a div will take you back to that div in
the history. But this doesn't seem to work for me. For example I
should have something like this in my history:

#home -> #settings -> #display-setting -> #delete-setting
At this point if you click the a Delete confirmation I wan to go back
to #settings, here my link has an href of # while my js event is
But I always end up at #delete-setting. I've also tried
Which the documentation says should take you back 2 items in the
history. This seems to also only go back 1 item in history.

»

Help with navigation, history and back button

Jqtouch allways adds pages(divs) to the memory and the back button always
takes you back one step, to be able to go to the div that you want and not
the last one in history-use classes slideright, slide or create your own in

the jqtouch.js file.
If you dont want to add pages to the memory you have to delete them after
you have visited them.
I load ajax page that have dynamic content from the database and in order
for new content to be visible after you have opened the app, I have to
delete all divs when I leave the page, othervise the new content wouldnt be
visible the next time you open the page, since it only displays pages from
the memory.
Hope it helps.

»

Daily App Show - Video App Reviews for iPhone and iPod Touch Users

Daily App Show - Video App Reviews for iPhone and iPod Touch Users

Link to Daily App Show - Video App Reviews for iPhone and iPod Touch Users » iPhone Apps

iVoice-Reminder allows you to make audio and written reminders that are location based. This is a new way to set reminders for yourself to handle tasks, etc. Create a reminder, add a description and/or audio recording, then attach your gps location, set a radius and save. The next time you come within the set radius [...]
Winq is simply the easiest way to share contact information between people. Within seconds Winq lets you share your contacts, save new contacts in iPhone Address Book and even find people on social networks. Winq is a special form of QR-code (MECARD standard) which embeds your contact information. You can create winqs right in your [...]

»

jQT DataZombie Phonegap and orientation

Hello DataZombie,
is an honor to be answered by the author of the fantastic fork!
(I have no need for tabs in this project, but i want use your fork to
integrate with iscroll, I'm excited to see if I can make it work ...)
Thank you very much for your answer.
I tried to insert the snippet you propose to me, but maybe I do not
know javascript well .. maybe I did not copy to the right place.
Could you tell me if I have to change something in the code that you
gave me and where exactly should I put it?
I guess here, at the end:

// Some sample Javascript functions:
// Show a swipe event on swipe test
$('#swipeme').swipe(function(evt, data){
$(this).html('You swiped <strong>' + data.direction + '/' +
data.deltaX + ':' + data.deltaY + '</strong>!');
//iScroll integration
//iScroll integration
if(confirm('This link opens in a new window.')){
return true;
} else {
return false;
// Page animation callback events
bind('pageAnimationStart', function(e, info){
$(this).find('.info').append('Started animating ' + info.direction
+ '&hellip; ');
bind('pageAnimationEnd', function(e, info){
$(this).find('.info').append(' finished animating ' +
info.direction + '.<br /><br />');
// Page animations end with AJAX callback event, example 1 (load
remote HTML only first time)
$('#callback').bind('pageAnimationEnd', function(e, info){
// Make sure the data hasn't already been loaded (we'll set 'loaded'
to true a couple lines further down)
// Append a placeholder in case the remote HTML takes its sweet time
making it back
// Then, overwrite the "Loading" placeholder text with the remote HTML
$(this).append($('<div>Loading</div>').load('ajax.html .info',
// Set the 'loaded' var to true so we know not to reload
// the HTML next time the #callback div animation ends
$(this).parent().data('loaded', true);
// Orientation callback event
$('#jqt').bind('turn', function(e, data){
$('#orient').html('Orientation: ' + data.orientation);
$('#play_movie').bind('tap', function(){
$('#video').bind('pageAnimationStart', function(e, info){
$('#movie').css('display', 'none');
}).bind('pageAnimationEnd', function(e, info){
if(info.direction == 'in'){
$('#movie').css('display', 'block');
I do not know how. I'm afraid that I'm wrong in something semi-
colons ...
Another thing:
I saw that you've implemented PhoneGap: false | true.
So to make applications PhoneGap, you must use it, right? but how? I
need to change the file jqtbars (as I have changed 'iscroll_lite:
false, ')? Or should I do something else in the file index?

Thanks again, and sorry for nooby question!

One last thing:
I noticed in the zip downloaded from github, the floaty bar does not
I noticed that if I use the file jquery.css the live demo, it works.
(I saw that there are differences of z-index)
I hope to be useful (at least in this ... ;-)
Thanx, thanx.
Great, great job!

»

iPhone UI/UX Designers?

Does anyone have iPhone app designers they can recommend, to design
the UI for my new app?
I'm mainly concerned about quality. Do you who the 'famous' designers
are and where I could view their portfolios?
Thank you.

»

DataZombies Tabbar stays fixed over wiindow when iPhone browser search bar disappears

I think the subject line says it all.
When I navigate to my app page, the iPhone browser shows the tabbar at
the correct position along the bottom of the window.
When I go to a new panel and come back to the homescreen, the iPhone
browser search bar is gone and the Tabbar has moved up the same number
of pixels.

The tabbar ends up covering a portion of the window and only bringing
the search bar back 'fixes' it.
I don't even know where to start looking to solve this

»

iPhone Life Newsletter (5.11.11)

Issue Sponsor
Amplified Sound-Blasting Speaker for your Mobile Device
iPhone Life Blogs
Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune Magazines Now Free to Subscribers Via the iPad Apps
By Jim Karpen
One of my main uses of my iPad is reading the news. I'd actually prefer to read all of my magazines via the iPad. And the great news out today is that Time, Sports Illustrated, and Fortune magazines are now available via their respective iPad apps for free if you're already a subscriber.


The DCS-930L Camera by Dlink Will Put Security in the iOS Palm of Your Hand
By Andrew Weiner,
The DCS-930L Network Camera by D-Link will give you piece of mind while away from home. This small and unobtrusive (not really detectable unless you are looking for it) camera will watch your home, your pets, your children, 24X7 and 365 days a week.

CaMeasure - Use Your Camera to Measure Size or Distance
By Jim Karpen
I'm always amazed by all the novel uses of the camera on iOS devices — from taking your pulse to helping those who are colorblind determine colors. And I just received a press release for another. CaMeasure lets you use your camera to measure size or distance.

Catalog Spree - Free App for the iPad Brings an attractive Assortment of Catalogs
By Jim Karpen
Catalog Spree (free) brings you over a dozen catalogs, with more to come. The app offers a very attractive and functional presentation of catalogs ranging from Nordstrom Lingerie to Filson (men's outdoor clothing) to DwellStudio (bedroom domestics). You can order from within the app.
News from other iPhone sites
iTunes-Less Updating May Be Coming In iOS 5
Gone may be the days of time-consuming iOS updates constrained by iTunes. iOS 5 could bring over-the-air updating according to 9 to 5 Mac, allowing you to install the latest software version wirelessly from your device.

Amazon Cloud Player Starts Working on iOS Web Browsers
Amazon in an unannounced step extended an olive branch to iPad and iPhone users by fixing Cloud Player access over the web. Having previously been denied access, iOS users can now play songs from Safari much as they would on the desktop. It works with multiple tracks and will even pause properly for an incoming phone call.

Gigwalk..the App that Pays!
I was skeptical when I first read information about this app, but I gotta say, it’s the real deal! The free Gigwalk App essentially pays you to run errands or post information about businesses in your area. A business can post small jobs that can be completed using only their iPhone or smartphone. A job could be anything from taking pictures of a restaurant or business to seeing if you were asked for identification when purchasing alcohol.
Fortune Goes Inside Apple
Fortune‘s Adam Lashinsky goes Inside Apple to detail how the world’s most secretive and successful computer consumer electronics company is run, from Steve Jobs… down to the janitor. And it’s a doozy of an article.
eReading: Gulliver's Travels   Narrated in English and Spanish!  Learn Spanish the fun way! Available on the App Store.
Featured App
Monster Trouble
Magic Dream Games srl; $0.99 iPhone/iPod touch; $4.99 iPad HD
by Nate Adcock

Monster Trouble is 3D Tower Defense fun, and make no mistake, this game will suck you into endless hours of grinding gameplay. If you like TD games already, and looking for one with a medieval theme, high-quality rendering and effects, and a bit of campy humor, then this is definitely your game.

The main trouble so far I have with Monster Trouble is the load speed (and very minor trouble indeed). Each level takes around 20 seconds to load, which seems a bit long on my iPod touch 4. The game is around 108MB, so not a tiny program, but still not huge. The rendering is well done, but I have several games that eclipse this game in size, and start much faster (with 3D, high-quality graphics, etc). I grabbed it via iTunes on my computer, and sync'd to my iPod without issue.

Tower Defense is not my favorite game type, but I enjoy a spot of Fieldrunners now and again, so not alien to the genre. My big complaint with Fieldrunners (and simple TD games in particular) is that the enemy always does the same thing. Over and over, wave after wave. The only thing that really changes is the concentration and fortitude of the waves of advancing opponents. It's a lot like trying to stop ants from getting in your house, and after awhile is all a bit boring. Monster Trouble adds dynamic features to this idea (namely, a true 3D perspective) that makes it a much more interesting prospect.

The objective is still pretty simple. Your job is to build and provide a defense for something (in this case a farm, village, mill, etc.). Monsters will swarm in from various approaches to attack your location. You must quickly erect fortifications upon which to station your defenders. Key elements of deployment (as in all defense strategy) really depend on terrain and approaches to the target. The most important consideration being the location and proximity of your defenses. Interlocking fields of fire are key, so it is always good to position towers so that the combined firepower--close to each other and the defended object--will have maximum effect against advancing waves. The game has good tutorials to help you get started.

TD usually involves a time/money trade-off between force protection (upgrading your defenses), and/or simply deploying more cheaper defenses to stop the enemy. In other words, do you wait to have enough money for better options/defender types, or simply build the cheaper defenses now (sometimes you don't have a lot of choice). MT has several types of defenders and tower types as you progress through the game, and employing them properly is important. A hunter can shoot at greater range, but he has a lower reload speed than a farmer (A hunter also costs more).

Monster Trouble differs from many TD games in several key aspects. Firstly, it is more akin to a 3D battle-strategy game than with pure TD. Enemies attack the towers in a much more random fashion, and when shot at, will run directly to a defender to fight instead of blindly toward some distant goal. The game area can be zoomed back to encompass the whole scene or zoomed into a specific area of melee, and it is often imperative to monitor and interact in this fashion. You can move defender positions quickly (say a hunter dies and you don't have money for another) to respond to catastrophic failure of parts of your defense.

MT also adds the element of picking up battlefield booty during game play, which is another unique aspect of this game. As attackers are destroyed, coins and power-ups pop out (potions can be used as weapons, or to heal your defenders), and can then be picked up by tapping on them. This keeps you engaged in the combat beyond simply building and fortifying new defenses. Some monster characters can steal your coins, which require them to be destroyed faster than others. You can quickly kill such targets with a special weapon, or by directing fire from your defenders at them.

Monster trouble is plain and simple the best TD game I have yet played on iOS. The 3D effects and movement of both attackers and defenders is fantastically detailed (especially at the higher zoom levels). The added battle concepts—picking up power ups and coins—also make this an even more interesting challenge. I give it only a minor critique on startup time, and I noted that defender position selection could be quirky and unreliable at times. Otherwise, I enthusiastically recommend this game! Grab it here in the App Store for $1.99.
Tip of the Week
How to Convert a Phone Number to a Contact
You can convert phone numbers into contacts very easily with the iPhone. You can even add an additional number to an existing contact. Here's how you do it:
  1. Tap on the Phone icon from your Home screen.
  2. Tap on the Keypad option in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Dial the phone number but don't tap Call.
  4. Instead, tap the Add Contact icon to the left of the Call button. (It's the little man with a plus symbol beside it.)
  5. Tap Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact.
If you're creating a new contact, the iPhone will prompt you to fill out your new contact's information. When you're done, tap on Save and you'll go back to the keypad screen to proceed with the call if you wish.

»

[jQT] Datazombies jqt.bars extension - problem with Google static map?

I have an iPhone app built with jQTouch and Phonegap. In my last

update to the app, I added a list item that displays a Google static

map, based on lat/lon coordinates that I access from an SQLite

database in the app. Before I added this list item, the page with the

list scrolled as expected. The toolbar stayed in place, and the user

could scroll the list itself. (I'm using the jqt.bars extension from


Now that I've added the static map, when I scroll up, I can't scroll
all the way to the bottom of the page. I can slide the list up with
my finger and hold it there so I can see the bottom (a div with the
jQTouch "info" class), but when I release my finger the page bounces
down a bit and repositions itself so the top of the Google map list
item is at the top of the screen.

I have a short (30 sec) video here:
Notice that the first time in the video that I scroll, the list
behaves fine (so the problem is inconsistent). But each time after
that, the list doesn't scroll properly. It's a problem because I'd
like users to access a clickable link toward the bottom of the page.
Although they can temporarily see it, it never stays on the screen
long enough so they can tap it.

I'm wondering if there's some issue with the static map that causes
this problem? Or is there something with iScroll or jqt.bars that I
need to modify?

Here's the html section that creates the page (I've omitted some of
the list items below for brevity):

Selected Landmark


  • Name


  • Designated: Year
    Landmark number: lpid
    Other notes:
    info at Wikipedia.

  • You can access a
    summary description of this landmark at the NoeHill website.

  • Source: San Francisco Planning Department

Here's the corresponding javascript (also edited for brevity):

»

iui framework webapp iphone native

is anyone developpe a webapp with iui , ?!

because i have a problème with datepicker, it's not working ,

please tell me how a i can work it .... 

with all my respects
Belhaffef Charif

»

jQT DataZombie Phonegap and orientation

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the version of Tabbar
Using PhoneGap and I noted that following the rotation of my iphone,
the screen does not scroll more fully, and would not let me get to the
bottom of the page.
Everything works, but only in mobile safari, not in PhoneGap.
I then tried, unsuccessfully, to set PhoneGap=true in jqtbars.js
Then I tried to call jQT.setPageHeight (); after a change of
orientation, as recommended by DataZombie. I'm a nooby, but the
problem is upstream:
after several days of tests, I finally understood that the orientation
of my iphone is not detected by PhoneGap! So, no correct iscroll after
a change of direction!
Can anyone help me?
I read other posts, but have not found anything that solves the

»

ITEXPO Tuesday Offer Sneak Peek...

Sarah and I, Marketing Managers at TMC, wanted to let you in on a little secret...
Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17, we are kicking off a really sweet offer that will make you the best colleague in the office. Register for ITEXPO, happening September 13-15, 2011--and you can bring your co-worker, the rising star in your office who has earned the right to attend a major industry event, or the specialist in another department who can help you cover all important conference sessions, and they get to go for....
Sorry - have to go - we aren't supposed to be saying anything and too many people are walking by us. You will find out more info tomorrow! Or get a sneak peek here.
- Sarah & Jennifer

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»

iPhone Love in a Time of Smartphone Overload - TMCnet's IPhone eNews

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ITEXPO West begins in: 119 Days. REGISTER NOW!
Featured Articles

» Is Apple Attempting to Patent Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech Functionality for iPhone?

» Create a Free Web Page through your iPhone with Zapd

» LogMeIn Adds iPad and iPhone Capabilities to its Screen-Sharing Service

Sponsor: 4GWE Conference

4GWE will explore the critical issues of how best to enable and exploit the mobile Internet. 4GWE will explore the trends driving a shift towards an anywhere, anytime, broadband mobile network. As part of ITEXPO, 4GWE has become the industry's premier gathering place for Mobile Network Operators, fixed carriers, handset manufacturers, mobile internet device manufacturers, application providers, and venture capitalists

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» ePrize and Michigan Lottery Launch an Application for iPhone and Android

» Positive Applications Launches a New Positive Thinking App

» Buongiorno Releases New Version of VZW PIX on Verizon Wireless App Store

From The Expert Corner

May 12, 2011
iPhone Love in a Time of Smartphone Overload

By Juliana Kenny

TMCnet Web Editor

Everyone knows what the iPhone (News - Alert) is. I’m willing to wager that anyone with access to any sort of technology knows what an iPhone is, and at some point, has marveled at its brilliance. But, nowadays, there are plenty of other technological advancements to marvel at, including heavily upgraded Blackberrys and fully loaded Androids all with equally as stunning software and applications.

We take advantage of these ingenious devices on a daily basis. We scramble when our Twitter apps crash, we whine when the screen gets scratched, we bemoan the battery lives, but, in a world of smartphone, and now tablet, overload, some of us should take the time to step back and appreciate what we have, albeit as “commonplace” as the iPhone... Read More

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»

iPad 3News Will iPad 3 Go 3D? .. New Motorola Xoom Tablet $1 Dearer Than iPad 2

Will iPad 3 Go 3D?
Like Jell-O, there's always room for iPad rumors. And the latest gossip concerning Apple's mega-popular tablet is a doozy: the iPad 3 will feature a 3D display, although it's unclear if we're talking about one that won't require those clunky glasses.

This rumor is courtesy the RCR Wireless blog, which was tipped off by a "Hollywood insider close to the big movie studios."

"The fact that the iPad 3 is 3D is a dead cert," the LA studio source told RCRWireless, which posted the rumor Tuesday. Major film studios are scurrying to create 3D content in time for Apple's launch of the third-generation iPad, the source said.

Meanwhile, Taiwan-based manufacturer Foxconn, which builds a lot of Apple gear, has apparently been quite chatty about Apple's plans for a 3D-enabled iPad. In fact, the company "has already spilled the 3D iPad beans to several of our close industry sources," reports RCR.

If true, Apple's 3D ambitions may be similar to those of other tablet players. Then again, the iPad's 3D implementation may be quite unique. The LG Optimus Pad, an 8.9-inch Android Honeycomb slate, can record video in 3D, and port 3D content via its HDMI port to a 3D TV. And Research In Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook platform can output stereoscopic 3D visuals to a larger display, as shown in the concept demo below:

New Motorola Xoom Tablet $1 Dearer Than iPad 2

Motorola's much-anticipated Android-powered Xoom tablet will sell for $840 outright when it goes on sale exclusively at Telstra from May 24, the company announced at a well-attended media briefing in Sydney last night.

Motorola's much-anticipated Android-powered Xoom tablet will sell for $840 outright when it goes on sale exclusively at Telstra from May 24, the company announced at a well-attended media briefing in Sydney yesterday.

That compares with a starting price of $579 for the basic 16GB Wi-Fi-only Apple iPad 2. But when configured with Wi-Fi and 3G and 32GB of memory, matching the Xoom specs, the iPad goes for $839 – just $1 less than the new Xoom.

The Xoom is not at this stage being sold in a Wi-Fi-only version, but Timo Brouwer, MD of Motorola Mobility A/NZ, says that should happen down the track.

Apple’s iPad 3 to Feature 3D Display?

Apple’s iPad 2 has witnessed a very successful launch and the Cupertino based company continues to struggle to meet existing demand worldwide. However, we can be sure about the fact that Jobs and his team are already preparing to put final touches to the design and features of iPad 3!

The rumour mill is already speculating that Apple’s third gen tablet, iPad 3, could feature 3D display. RCR Wireless blog claims that according to “Hollywood insider close to the big movie studios” iPad 3 will most definitely support 3D display and major film studios are already preparing 3D content in time for Apple’s annual tablet launch event in 2012.

Even though in 2010 we saw many companies adopting 3D display technology it hasn’t seen major adoption worldwide as most displays require you to wear special 3D glasses. However, with handheld gaming consoles like Nintendo 3DS implementing 3D technology without requiring 3D glasses we could certainly expect the same on an iPad.

While we could certainly expect retina display in iPad 3 we are still not very convinced about Apple moving to 3D display just yet.

Do you think iPad 3 will feature 3D display? Let us know what you think

»

iPhone 4 iPhone 4 iPhone 4 iPhone 4 iPhone 4 iPhone 4

White iPhone 4 Undressed: New Sensor & Camera Noted
Real life Windows Phone 7 vs iPhone 4 speed test

Microsoft has launched a number of ads showing how much faster Windows Phone 7 is in completing real life tasks than other smartphones.

Phillip Bach, a Microsoft Student Partner from Santa Clara University put the claims to test on video, pairing his Samsung Focus with a friend’s iPhone 4.

The task was to complete the following list as fast as possible:
1. Take a Picture
2. Upload Picture to Facebook with Caption (“Check out my new hat!”)
3. Update Status (“I love weekends!”)
4. Find Directions to a Restaurant (Olive Garden)
5. Get Movie Times (“Fast Five”)

With both phones connected to WIFI the Windows Phone beat the iPhone by about 10 seconds.

Have any of our readers done real life speed test stories? I know the search button on all Windows Phones have already made me look a lost smarter on many occasions. Let us know your stories below.

After a lengthy wait for Apple’s white iPhone 4, the device has finally settled onto the shop shelves, and with its arrival comes the inevitable dissection process. We had already heard reports about the new devices upgrade in sensor software, but now we have pictures backing up our findings.
As shown through the crew at Apple Insider, the stripped down iPhone obviously bears a strong resemblance to the black model, but with a couple of key changes.
Firstly we can see that the 5MP camera that resides in the rear of the device, is noticeably recessed further back, this modification is said to alleviate light interference. Also with the changing of the camera comes another addition which we previously reported on.

»

iphone History and availability .. iPhone 4 .. iPhone 5

The iPhone (pronounced /ˈaɪfoʊn/ EYE-fohn) is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007.
An iPhone can function as a video camera, camera phone with text messaging and visual voicemail, a portable media player, and an Internet client with e-mail, web browsing, and both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. The user interface is built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard rather than a physical one. Third-party as well as Apple applications are available from the App Store, which launched in mid-2008 and now has well over 300,000[2] "apps" approved by Apple. These apps have diverse functionalities, including games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, security and advertising for television shows, films, and celebrities.
There are four generations of iPhone models, and they were accompanied by four major releases of iOS (formerly iPhone OS). The original iPhone was a GSM phone which established design precedents like screen size and button placement that have persisted through all models. The iPhone 3G added 3G cellular network capabilities and A-GPS location. The iPhone 3GS added a compass, faster processor, and higher resolution camera, including video. The iPhone 4 has two cameras for FaceTime video calling and a higher-resolution display. It was released on June 24, 2010. On January 11, 2011, Apple and Verizon together launched a CDMA2000 compatible iPhone 4 specifically for the Verizon network in the US, released on February 10, 2011.

i phone test

iPhone : History and availability

Development of the iPhone began with Apple CEO Steve Jobs' direction that Apple engineers investigate touchscreens.
Apple created the device during a secretive and unprecedented collaboration with AT&T Mobility—Cingular Wireless at the time—at an estimated development cost of US$150 million over thirty months.
Apple rejected the "design by committee" approach that had yielded the Motorola ROKR E1, a largely unsuccessful collaboration with Motorola. Instead, Cingular gave Apple the liberty to develop the iPhone's hardware and software in-house in exchange for exclusive U.S. sales until 2011.
Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the public on January 9, 2007 at Macworld 2007. Apple was required to file for operating permits with the FCC, but since such filings are made available to the public, the announcement came months before the iPhone had received approval. The iPhone went on sale in the United States on June 29, 2007, at 6:00 pm local time, while hundreds of customers lined up outside the stores nationwide. The original iPhone was made available in the UK, France, and Germany in November 2007, and Ireland and Austria in the spring of 2008.
On July 11, 2008, Apple released the iPhone 3G in twenty-two countries, including the original six. Apple released the iPhone 3G in upwards of eighty countries and territories. Apple announced the iPhone 3GS on June 8, 2009, along with plans to release it later in June, July, and August, starting with the U.S., Canada and major European countries on June 19. Many would-be users objected to the iPhone's cost, and 40% of users have household incomes over US$100,000. In an attempt to gain a wider market, Apple retained the 8 GB iPhone 3G at a lower price point. When Apple introduced the iPhone 4, the 3GS became the less expensive model. Apple reduced the price several times since the iPhone's release in 2007, at which time an 8 GB iPhone sold for $599. An iPhone 3GS with the same capacity now costs $49. However, these numbers are misleading, since all iPhone units sold through AT&T require a two-year contract (costing several hundred dollars), and a SIM lock.

One-tap simple.

FaceTime works right out of the box — no need to set up a special account or

iphone -One-tap simple.
screen name. And using it is as easy as it gets. Let’s say you want to start a video call with your best friend. Just find her entry in your Contacts and tap the FaceTime button. Or maybe you’re already talking on a voice call with her, iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, and you want to switch to video. Just tap the FaceTime button on the screen. Either way, an invitation pops up on her screen asking if she wants to join you. When she accepts, the video call begins. It’s all perfectly seamless. And it works in both portrait and landscape modes.

Share what you see with the back camera.

Imagine your sister is away at school and can’t make it to your son’s

Share what you see with the back camera.
birthday. So you’re cheering her up with a FaceTime call. As the cupcakes come out, your son’s eyes light up, and you just have to share it. Tap a button, and before you can say, “Make a wish,” iPhone 4 switches to the back camera, and to the birthday boy's big moment. Another tap switches back to the front camera and to you. Simple, fast, and fun.

»