Common launch Apple " iPhone 5 "sweeping the global search engines

Maybe it's only April Fool's and maybe not, but the site is published by a South Korean specialist in the field of technology on the date of the launch of a new version of «iPhone 5 » swept the Internet search engine (Google) like wildfire.

And where the story is that the information I talked about a specific date to launch a smart phone from Apple Computers. Over the weeks and the world of technical expectations on the sinking launch a «iPhone 5» Although the company has not even declared its intention to update its machinery iconic smartphone this year.

The data confirmed that the launch of «iPhone 5» will be in the fourth week of June, and Apple confirmed that the time frame to launch a new version of the smart phone. Although Apple has not yet announced the plans in this regard, but it is keen to launch a «iPhone 5 » month advertised, this is what happened with the iPhone 3G OS as well as with the iPhone 4. What did not notice him involved in this matter is that the web site of South Korea announced this site on their website on the first of April, saying that to put the device will be in sync in both South Korea and the United States