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What people said about
ipad apps & iphone
Wired.com tries out 5 iPad apps that could be worth your while. Apps included are Flight Control, Beautiful Planet HD, Air Harp, Marvel Comics and Weather HD.


A- The iPad was the 2010 must-have gadget of the year, and the iPhone and respective iPod Touch have been incredibly popular over the last few years. It's clear that the success of these devices can be attributed to the endless number of useful, fun, and interesting applications provided by the community. There is no doubt that the Apple platform for these mobile devices has taken the world by storm and allowed us to customize as we see fit.

 b- Adobe on Monday unveiled the latest version of its Creative Suite software, version 5.5, which includes a new SDK for building smartphone and tablet applications that can interact with its famous Photoshop desktop software. To showcase some of the possibilities brought about by its new SDK, Adobe also introduced three new apps for Apple’s iPad. Adobe Eazel is a finger painting app with enhanced controls and nifty multitouch support, and creations can be stored locally or beamed over Wi-Fi to Photoshop CS5. Adobe Nav allows users to move menus and other controls off of their PC displays and over to the iPad. The app also allows users to view Photoshop documents on their tablet displays. Finally, Adobe Color Lava turns the iPad into a modern color mixing palette that pushes color creations directly to Photoshop CS5. Eazel, Nav and Color Lava will become available some time next month for between $1.99 and $4.99 pending Apple’s approval, of course. In the meantime, hit the break for a video of Adobe’s new apps in action.

c- Adobe has announced a new software development kit aimed at providing developers with tools for creating mobile and tablet apps for its Photoshop CS5 desktop application. The Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit along with a new scripting engine in Photoshop CS5 will support the Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS platforms, allowing apps to interact with Photoshop CS5 using a touchscreen device.

4- Adobe today launched Creative Suite 5.5. With it comes the new Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit that facilitates the creation of apps for smartphones and tablets that can talk to desktop Photoshop app. This opens interesting possibilities and Adobe announced three new iPad apps built using the new SDK that showcase several scenarios. Called Adobe Eazel, Adobe Nav and Adobe Color Lava, these programs will land on the App Store next month, priced between two to five bucks. Check out a video demonstration and brief app descriptions right below the fold.

5- D- Adobe plans to demonstrate three iPad apps designed to work in conjunction with the forthcoming Adobe CS 5.5 update. Rather than representing a standalone implementation of Photoshop running on the iPad (as demoed earlier this month), these apps are more like enhancements to the existing toolsets running in Adobe CS on a PC or Mac.

E- One program, Nav, allows users to use the iPad to switch between tools or opened photos on the main computer running Photoshop. A second app called Eazel works as a finger-painting app that can send anything generated on the iPad directly to the PC or Mac. A third app called Adobe Color Lava is essentially a high-tech version of a traditional painter's palette

G- Just one year after the release of the Apple (AAPL) iPad , more than 15 million people are now proud owners of the mobile tablet device. While emailing, web surfing, playing games, and reading e-books top the list of user activities on an iPad based on a survey conducted by NPD Group, companies are also integrating the iPad into their daily operations. On a January investors call, Apple shared that more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies were using or testing the iPad. Despite that an iPad actually has less traditional functionality than a PC, iPad users are increasingly drawn to it thanks to portability and ease of Wi-Fi connectivity. Its slick interface and ease of use by practically anyone with a fingertip has transformed doldrum tasks like web surfing, checking email, and reading into a more sensory experience

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