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White iPhone 4 Undressed: New Sensor & Camera Noted
Real life Windows Phone 7 vs iPhone 4 speed test

Microsoft has launched a number of ads showing how much faster Windows Phone 7 is in completing real life tasks than other smartphones.

Phillip Bach, a Microsoft Student Partner from Santa Clara University put the claims to test on video, pairing his Samsung Focus with a friend’s iPhone 4.

The task was to complete the following list as fast as possible:
1. Take a Picture
2. Upload Picture to Facebook with Caption (“Check out my new hat!”)
3. Update Status (“I love weekends!”)
4. Find Directions to a Restaurant (Olive Garden)
5. Get Movie Times (“Fast Five”)

With both phones connected to WIFI the Windows Phone beat the iPhone by about 10 seconds.

Have any of our readers done real life speed test stories? I know the search button on all Windows Phones have already made me look a lost smarter on many occasions. Let us know your stories below.

After a lengthy wait for Apple’s white iPhone 4, the device has finally settled onto the shop shelves, and with its arrival comes the inevitable dissection process. We had already heard reports about the new devices upgrade in sensor software, but now we have pictures backing up our findings.
As shown through the crew at Apple Insider, the stripped down iPhone obviously bears a strong resemblance to the black model, but with a couple of key changes.
Firstly we can see that the 5MP camera that resides in the rear of the device, is noticeably recessed further back, this modification is said to alleviate light interference. Also with the changing of the camera comes another addition which we previously reported on.