jQT DataZombie Phonegap and orientation

Hello DataZombie,
is an honor to be answered by the author of the fantastic fork!
(I have no need for tabs in this project, but i want use your fork to
integrate with iscroll, I'm excited to see if I can make it work ...)
Thank you very much for your answer.
I tried to insert the snippet you propose to me, but maybe I do not
know javascript well .. maybe I did not copy to the right place.
Could you tell me if I have to change something in the code that you
gave me and where exactly should I put it?
I guess here, at the end:

// Some sample Javascript functions:
// Show a swipe event on swipe test
$('#swipeme').swipe(function(evt, data){
$(this).html('You swiped <strong>' + data.direction + '/' +
data.deltaX + ':' + data.deltaY + '</strong>!');
//iScroll integration
//iScroll integration
if(confirm('This link opens in a new window.')){
return true;
} else {
return false;
// Page animation callback events
bind('pageAnimationStart', function(e, info){
$(this).find('.info').append('Started animating ' + info.direction
+ '&hellip; ');
bind('pageAnimationEnd', function(e, info){
$(this).find('.info').append(' finished animating ' +
info.direction + '.<br /><br />');
// Page animations end with AJAX callback event, example 1 (load
remote HTML only first time)
$('#callback').bind('pageAnimationEnd', function(e, info){
// Make sure the data hasn't already been loaded (we'll set 'loaded'
to true a couple lines further down)
// Append a placeholder in case the remote HTML takes its sweet time
making it back
// Then, overwrite the "Loading" placeholder text with the remote HTML
$(this).append($('<div>Loading</div>').load('ajax.html .info',
// Set the 'loaded' var to true so we know not to reload
// the HTML next time the #callback div animation ends
$(this).parent().data('loaded', true);
// Orientation callback event
$('#jqt').bind('turn', function(e, data){
$('#orient').html('Orientation: ' + data.orientation);
$('#play_movie').bind('tap', function(){
$('#video').bind('pageAnimationStart', function(e, info){
$('#movie').css('display', 'none');
}).bind('pageAnimationEnd', function(e, info){
if(info.direction == 'in'){
$('#movie').css('display', 'block');
I do not know how. I'm afraid that I'm wrong in something semi-
colons ...
Another thing:
I saw that you've implemented PhoneGap: false | true.
So to make applications PhoneGap, you must use it, right? but how? I
need to change the file jqtbars (as I have changed 'iscroll_lite:
false, ')? Or should I do something else in the file index?

Thanks again, and sorry for nooby question!

One last thing:
I noticed in the zip downloaded from github, the floaty bar does not
I noticed that if I use the file jquery.css the live demo, it works.
(I saw that there are differences of z-index)
I hope to be useful (at least in this ... ;-)
Thanx, thanx.
Great, great job!