iPhone NEWS : Budget with Back in Black Version 1.1

Budget with Back in Black Description #1 Finance app in Canada! #60 overall!
Top 5 finance app in the USA, Australia and the UK! FULL-FEATURED! Figure out
your budget, set your goals then track your expenses. Your budget automatically
rolls over every month! ♥ Back in Black does it all, and it does it damn well.
BeautifulPixels.com ♥ the approach is remarkably well thought out and easy to
use Appstorm.net ♥ a real gem of a finance tracker! Five Star review at
Appdictions.com ♥ four out of five rating for its fantastic looks and
rock-solid functionality theiPhoneAppReview.com ♥ If you are in need of an
app to help you manage a budget and actually keep on track with it, then look no
further. appadvice.com ♥ The app is intuitive and focuses on only the
necessities of personal financing. – Five star review from WhatsoniPhone.com
✔ Budgeting based on the envelope method ✔ As simple or as in-depth as you
want ✔ Set reminders and track your payments ✔ Set financial goals and track
your progress ✔ Supports local currency symbols and conventions ✔ Budget
rolls over on the first day of the new month ✔ NEW! Passcode protection ✔
NEW! Roll over unused income into the next month Back in Black will help you
understand and take control of your personal finances, one month at a time. It
boils your finances down to the essentials: how much money you earn and spend
every month, and where your money is going, to get you Back in the Black! ★
Visit BackinBlack.mobi for full FEATURE list ★ Income ▸ Enter by frequency,
organize and track Fixed Expenses ▸ Create, add notes and organize by
categories ▸ Select from 140 icons for categories ▸ Enter expenses by
frequency ▸ Set reminders for payments ▸ View totals per category and
overall Goals ▸ Select from preset goals or create your own ▸ Add a snapshot
of your goal from your camera or library ▸ Set your goals by goal date, total
amount, and monthly installment that works for you ▸ Open-ended saving lets
you decide how much you want to save each month ▸ Set reminders to when
installments are due ▸ Adjust at any time and your payments will automatically
recalculate Spending ▸ Create, organize and set spending limits by categories
▸ Select from a preset list of spending categories or create your own ▸
Select from 140 icons for categories ▸ Quickly and easily enter new purchases
and add notes or adjust date ▸ View totals per category and total spent/total
remaining Monthly History ▸ Quick view of budget balance for past months ▸
Review budget details from previous months and adjust Reminders ▸ Set
reminders for Fixed Expenses or Goal due dates ▸ Reminders lets you view
reminders and keep track of payments Backups ▸ Backup your entire budget in
one tap and easily restore ▸ Email the backup file to yourself for safekeeping
▸ Keep multiple versions of your budget ☎ SUPPORT:
getsatisfaction.com/fissionmedia Whats New in Budget with Back in Black Version
1.1 ★ NEW Passcode Protection ★ NEW Income Rollover ★ NEW
Expenses/Spending sorted by date ★ NEW Automatic spending budget ★ NEW Goal
deletion bug squashed Weve also put some more bug fixes in this version