iPhone NEWS : What We Know About iCloud

'What We Know About iCloud'

Now that the Labor Day holiday is behind us here in the U.S., fall is fast
approaching and that can mean only one thing: iCloud time! Ever since iCloud was
previewed at WWDC 2011, iOS device users have been staring at their current
devices, longing for some cloud syncing magic, so let's recap what we know
about iCloud so far. On the surface, iCloud is Apple's new attempt to right
the early wrongs of MobileMe, the annual service for keeping vital contacts,
calendars, bookmarks and more synced between computers and iOS devices. First
launched in 2000 as iTools, reborn two and a half years later as .Mac and
ultimately rolled in MobileMe in 2008, iCloud is the culmination of years of
hard work on Apple's part to make life easier for its users